Today has come round pretty quickly actually, day 28 of the 28 day blogging challenge (Come Blog With Me) created, run, managed and moderated by expert blogger Lotte Lane!



As with the end of any project in my world, there needs to be some kind of review to see how it all went. Reflecting on how it went, and what were my lessons learnt…..

There were a whole group of us doing the Come Blog with Me challenge, all sharing our ideas and thoughts in a facebook group as we went along, motivating and encouraging each other.  The process involved writing and posting our new pieces in the group forum to share and discuss. My review is on how I got on rather than about the process itself. I will say though that having a group to be a part of when blogging felt like a most supportive and important part of it.

So how did it go:

I haven’t blogged every day, but I have (including this post) managed 23 posts. Not too shoddy I think. I believe I am going to get some gold stars for my pain!

I have tried a number of different formats other than just writing, including a bit of poetry (I rather enjoyed that!), a Vlog (didn’t mind that too much in the end actually) and adding and adapting various photos to embellish (or on occasion stand in for) written prose.

I have learnt a few techy tips; how to add sharing buttons for example so the world can all see my fabulous content and several ideas on how to write better and more clearly.

I have in fact learnt a lot from the other bloggers, both in terms of style and the content of the their posts.

I have started to pick up a rhythm and to get all sorts of ideas for future writing. I consider myself a natural communicator; I love having discussions, I think I’m pretty good at listening and I always have my ears and eyes open to search for new information to consider and share. But honing this content and filtering out the noise in writing has been an interesting and useful process. I have the sort of brain that is constantly full of all sorts of ideas, so translating them into something that others may want to read about, trying to decide what is meaningful and relevant, what is helpful and professional, has been one of the biggest challenges.

In a concerted effort to practice what I preach, I delved into my toolbox and decided a brainstorm was in order, flip chart and all. Have you ever tried brainstorming yourself? It’s not that easy. It’s much better to do it with other people.

I don’t think there are any bits that I haven’t enjoyed, putting the moments of zero inspiration and daft ideas aside. I have to admit that finding the time to write was often fairly hard work!

So while I will be happy to get some time back, I will miss the challenge. I suspect there will be some anticlimax, as there usually is when you finish something that you have focused so much on. So in order to mitigate this “ooh that was good, now what” kind of feeling I have created some next steps:

1) Create a blogging plan, including deciding which platforms to share my posts on. This in fact means that I will have to do decent investigation into the world of Social Media.

2) Research all the ideas that need a bit more thinking about, the ones that have popped into my head over the last 28 days.

3) Make myself a blogging vision….watch this space!

4) Try to find out what people’s favourite posts were over the last 28 days…….there are comments boxes below, I’d love to know what you think!


On my way

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