When I first released Workshop Essentials into the world back in November I did an A-Z of workshop minigems; little tips to help you all get into the zone. I spread these far and wide into the twittersphere and onto my facebook page but only half of them made it onto my blog! Part 1 was Aims to Flexibility, and part 2 Group Work – Listening.

Now, for your continued delight and to get you in the mood once more for my workshops on workshops here are some of my top tips.

If you have your own tips why don’t you put them into the comments box below? I’m always interested in learning new things.

mini gems M

mini gems template N mini gems O

mini gems P


mini gems Q mini gems R mini gems S

If you want to know more about how to actually put these tips and more into practise, then book onto one of my workshops now!

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