The start of 2015 for me has been a bit crunchy, and rather slow to get going. So many things that I have wanted to launch into have been scuppered by those other things in life that kind of get in the way. So this morning I was pleased to be able to restart 2015 on a positive note by joining a fantastic Can Do Coffee Club session. Who would not want to join a club that means you get to drink coffee?! Actually, the club, or group is run by two amazing business coaches; Gail Gibson and Cynthia Crawshaw and while coffee was drunk (mine was medium latte) this was unsurprisingly not the actual aim of the morning.

The focus of the monthly group is to help each other to build on strengths, share and refine ideas and goals, look forward, take on some new, manageable challenges, work a little outside your comfort zone and much much more. It is essentially about developing your business, but with the added group element. It is creating a shared experience and support mechanism that means learning and developing can be done alongside others. In short the kind of thing that I can really get my teeth into. Facilitator and lover of all kinds of getting together, sharing, planning, organising, conversing, supporting and problem solving I am. Born business woman I am not, and digging deep, to reach my inner entrepreneur is something that I definitely need help with.

Working in such a way, in a group most definitely had a real buzz about it and there was an ever present feeling of positive energy around the table (I am fairly sure this was not caffeine related!). For those two hours there was a feeling that everything was moving forward, that all sorts of things were possible, new directions would evolve and new relationships forged. The business brains (mine included) were collaborating and it was all rather exciting.

The main thrust of the session this morning was for everyone to share their “Dare to Dream” vision board, which has taken me several months and lots of pens and glue to complete. This was a challenge in itself, creating a vision for the future of Jewell Facilitation, and thinking about all the things that I’d like to achieve. I discovered that this was the type of thing that is much easier to facilitate other people to do, than to do for myself.

Dare to dream visioning board

The aftermath of the sticking and pasting session


Jewell Facilitation Vision Board

The product – my Dare to Dream Vision Board

It’s good to share aspirations and dreams and to bounce ideas and feedback off either other. It’s also really interesting to see how one task can produce so many different variations, all totally valid and relating to the different individuals who created them.

Dreams shared, the next part of the meet up was to focus on how the members of the group move forwards to the next meeting and the jobs that we all needed to be doing before then. Lets just say – I have homework!

I think having some mini tasks will be good for me as it will keep me on track. I am fast learning all sorts of things about myself these days, and one of them is that I am pretty good at helping other people to plan or organise, to set goals and reflect on work they have done, but I am pretty terrible at applying it to myself! My Dare to Dream vision board will be a constant reminder and gentle prod to help me work my way forward, and that all important group accountability (if that’s the right word) to stop me wandering off piste. My homework has been assigned, a couple of challenges are set and I even have a named buddy to call each week. I am ready for action!

At least I will be, as long as I don’t let s few things get in the way:

1) Keeping my ‘positive’ head on – always much easier when you are in a supportive group than when working alone.

2) Finding the time – a constant challenge and one I know I am not alone in struggling with.

3) Not leaving my ‘homework’ until the night before – something that will partly be avoided by the weekly check-in with my buddy.

4) Not getting overwhelmed – I am my own worst enemy when it comes to wanting to do everything all at once.

But bring it on say! I will have a great 2015, and I can and will develop my business in the way that I want it to go. Furthermore, I am determined to enjoy doing it.

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