I have just been brainstorming myself on what it is I do. I seem to spend an awful lot of my time describing, explaining and redefining what it is that I do to people. I love the flexibility of facilitation work and that it can be many things in many different ways. But sometimes it would be nice to have a job in a nutshell as they say; “In a nutshell it’s …….”

I started my working life as a Speech and Language Therapist. The job title in itself was often a bit of a mouthful, frequently shortened to SLT or SALT. Commonly people would also just say “ah a Speech Therapist” which doesn’t really give the whole picture if the job. While it was easy to say what I did as people think they know what Speech and Language Therapists do, it was also incredibly frustrating to realise that the profession was often downgraded to those who fix stutters or lisps. Oh, it is so much more…

Years later through the twists and turns of a professional life following the art of improving communication in a number of different ways I don’t know what is better or worse. Is it easier to be able to say what you do and not be given the opportunity to actually exlain when people assume they understand (and often don’t really). Or is it harder when you are given every opportunity to explain what you do, but that you have to do this nearly every time someone asks?  I have to admit I do sometimes just say that I spend my days playing with sticky notes and flip chart paper…..

There is probably a part of me that quite likes having a job that is not immediately obvious, and perhaps a little bit confusing, and the flexibility and mobility around the work is one of the things I love the best.  But just some days, it would be nice it if was simple to define……..

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