It’s here again, that end of the year feeling. Whether a sinking or floating feeling it’s that time when many people are either looking back and reflecting, or eyeing the horizon and looking to what next. We are often encouraged to create a vision, a goal, plan and perhaps a strategy to move along and achieve new things for the coming year. This year will be the year of …………….? 2016 will be amazing, awesome and incredible! I resolve to do many fantastic things. Of course we need goals, and we need to embrace the newness that is embodied in a brand new year. We like to have a marker of some kind to denote that the old has finished and hail the new and exciting opportunities that are ahead.

Moving forwards

But we shouldn’t leave out the reflecting. If we don’t look back and learn, we won’t know which parts of 2015 are to be ditched, not repeated and left to one side. We won’t know what worked so well that we need to carry this on into 2016, to repeat, to grow and to strengthen.

The start of a new year shouldn’t be when we draw a line under last year, say goodbye and forget it, even if on the face of it it was the most hideous year ever. It should be the time when we cast an eye over what happened last year. To separate out the good things and work out how we can hang on to them or adapt and build on them, to help us with what we want to achieve next.

This is the kind of approach I take with many of the review workshops I do. When you complete a project or piece of work, it doesn’t make sense just to close it, file it away and forget about it. It makes much more sense to see if you can learn from it and put that knowledge and experience into the next piece of work.

So rather like these workshops, I like to think about:

What worked well?

For me starting up my own series of workshops has worked very well, and is something to be repeated and grown. I have all kinds of (hopefully) brilliant ideas for new workshops and thoughts on how to improve and expand the ones I’ve done. But I also know I need to do this one at a time, walking not running.

workshop collage

What didn’t work so well?

I would say that spreading myself too thin and trying to do too many different things has definitely not worked so well. I know I am not alone and that other “ideas people” also have difficultly taming their impulse to get going on far too many things at once. This year it will be out with the multitasking and in with the prioritising and focus!


What have I learnt?

I have learnt to not assume what is known and understood by other people. When you are passionate and involved in something you do it is often hard to differentiate between the intrinsic, common sense, and universally understood, and the unusual, specialist and fascinating. We all have our different skill sets, experience and knowledge, and recognising that is important.

And lastly a funny memory…..

I do often talk about the importance of finding a good workshop venue. So thinking about the last workshop of 2015 that I did in a client’s office kitchen (strangely the best place in their office to work with a group) most definitely brings a smile to my face. Finding a good venue is important, but being adaptable even more so!

What are your moments of 2015, good and bad? And what have you learnt?

I wish you a wonderful 2016, full of ambition, promise and fulfilment and full of new experiences to take forward into the future…..

And if getting your workshops spot on is on your 2016 “to do” list then I invite you to take a look at my next workshop……..

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