A group, a collection, a team or a posse,
Some of them quiet and some of them bossy.
All have ideas and opinions and thoughts,
Working together can sometimes be fraught.

These people may work in the same office space
Or be related somehow in the larger rat race.
With excessive meetings that don’t seem quite real,
Or worse they may just have a virtual feel.

They may be part of a cause, or way of life,
Or bound by some upset, or trouble or strife.
They might love each other and bond like a dream,
Or be seething, unhappy, exploding with steam.

They could be be dispatched to join in with a crew,
To stand up, represent (is it time for a brew?).
Conversing with people they’ve not ever met,
Maybe aiming to fix that third world debt

A gathering of minds all alike they hope,
Creating and building, defining their scope.
They may want to engage to plan and pursue,
They may need some aims, to decide what to do.

They might want to look back, to review and digest
They want to look forward to know what might be best.
They’re setting some goals, which ones are most splendid?
And which ideas just need to be ended?

Receivers, consumers, stakeholders and more,
There’s a need for that feedback that’s for sure.
The project workers that will need to tell,
The bits that will work and the parts doomed to fail.

The community group who doesn’t yet know,
Should they choose that route, or go with the flow.
How should they start,  and who’s doing what?
Working together to define the plot.

Things need to change but how should they proceed?
Should they jump up and shout what they need?
Handfuls of people working together,
It’s teamwork you know, and that’s pretty clever

Talking en masse coming up with ideas
Realising their dreams and allaying their fears
Can they get through it?
Do they know how to do it?

We could sing it out loud
And stand out from the crowd
People who work in a group together
Can have lots of fun and be rather clever!


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