If you’re not in the zone for my workshop yet, take a look at part 2 of the A-Z series of mini gems! These are small nuggets of information, to let you know some of the things that I consider important when doing a workshop. Some of them more obvious that others, but it’s all about helping to you think about some of the basics which are easy to overlook.

Of course we’ll be looking at the real meat of a workshop during the course, but these are just to whet your appetite…..

Today we’ve got G-L, Group Work to Listening. I’ve been publishing these daily on my facebook page and twitter feed, so look out for more coming up.

And if anyone would like to give me their own workshop top tips, I’d love to hear them!

Group Work






mini gems J Juggling


mini gems K Know your audience


mini gems Listening

If you think you’re ready to sign up then here is where it’s all happening:


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