What makes you focus the best?

It’s a constant struggle these days for us to stay “in the zone” and to filter out the things that we don’t need. Or rather filter out those things that don’t matter for that particular moment in time. We are constantly bombarded with information, news and updates and when we are not being bombarded, when it doesn’t come to us, we go seeking it. It’s as if we’re not quite happy with the peace and quiet anymore, we are so used to living such frantic lives that we don’t know how to be in the moment. We have so much going on, we can be a part of so many things that it’s hard to switch off from the external noise and just focus on one thing.

I am most certainly guilty. I am a huge over multi tasker. My brain is always on three or four things at once and I often end up either flitting between them, half doing them or returning to them later in a not entirely productive way. As a working parent I juggle family life with my business. To this I add the fact that I am an absolute expert in getting myself involved in things I most definitely don’t have time for! The consequence is that I often find it hard to really focus.

And I have this belief somehow that if I stop juggling all of this there will be some kind of catastrophe.


Or will there?

Actually I know that stopping the juggling for a short period to focus on something important is enormously rewarding. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

For me one of the things that I stop the juggling for, to establish a lazer like focus on something that needs my entire being is when I do a workshop. You can’t half do a workshop. Well, not if you want to do it well.

Workshop Essentials

It is one of the things I love most about delivering workshops, it necessitates absolute and total dedication to the moment. When I give a workshop, I am in the zone. I am utterly focused. I have full concentration on what is going on in that workshop. I am 100% in the here and now.

After the workshop it feels like I am not quite ready to think about other things and want to enjoy basking in that bubble of being “in the zone” for a while longer. I get an enormous buzz from the intensity of the moment, the adrenaline that comes with the focus. It’s like I’ve put a “Do not disturb” sign on my head. Do not bother me with anything that is not to do with the inner heart of this workshop, or else……….you probably won’t get much sense out of me.

So that’s my thing. That is the time when I focus the best. I come out from the workshop and get back to my normal juggling. I see that the balls are still there, no catastrophe has occurred. I continue with my multitasking because that’s who I am and that’s the way I do things. Until the next time.

Anyone that has focused so intensely on something like that will tell you it’s pretty exhausting. It’s a good kind of exhausting if there is such a thing, like feeling tired because you’ve exercised rather than just tired through lack of sleep. And with a little time to regroup, plan, prepare and arrange the next workshop, it’s never long before I’m ready to do it all again. It’s  the thing I need, the antidote to the multitasking and most definitely my Focus Fix!

If you want to learn more about how I do my workshops, and watch my highly focused self in my element, come along to one of my next Workshops!

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