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When you work with Jewell Facilitation you can finally stop wasting time on lengthy group discussions that go nowhere, resulting in intense frustration, confusion and a lack of actionable outcomes.

Working with Helene Jewell will enable you to successfully include the right people in the right conversations to build strategies, solve problems, review progress, make decisions and generate ideas so you and your business can move forwards. You will see improved team communication, collaboration and cohesiveness and better working together. 

The right time and place


When you work with Jewell Facilitation you can finally sleep easier at night knowing that you have brought in a safe pair of hands to guide you all through those tricky discussions, enabling everyone to feel heard and be a valuable part of the conversation. 

Helene is often accompanied by other carefully selected facilitators, coaches and consultants who an co-facilitate or work alongside her as part of a team. This is particularly important when working online or with larger more complex groups.  

Helene provides indispensable support

As an IT services provider in London, we are in a competitive market. One of the biggest differentiators is the people. I may have 25 years of tech experience, but have very little HR and management of people experience.

As I want businesses to outsource their tech to us, I want to practice what I preach and outsource facilitation. And boy, what a good move! Helene takes the time to understand my company’s individual and team issues – and then works through a plan of how to tackle the issues in order for my business to grow: in emotional intelligence, team play and problem ownership.

As we progress through our company journey, Helene provides indispensable support – allowing me to focus on building my company.



Team and Organisational Development

It isn’t easy to create the time and space for your own organisational development to focus on those important areas that will help you to evolve, adapt and thrive. Central to any stable, resilient and dynamic organisation is a dedicated and motivated workforce, aligned and on board with what you want to achieve. Having crystal clear plans and well-honed processes in place, alongside an unshakable understanding of the way things are done is all part of this.

Different organisations need different things, but some common areas of focus are:

  • Vision, Mission and values – knowing where your guiding stars are so you all know which way you are heading.
  • Strategies and plans  – getting clear on the course you are following so you can get to where you want to be.
  • Organisational culture – shaping what defines you as an organisation so it is clear who and what you are.
  • Organisational alignment – making sure everything is happening in harmony so you get the results you need.
  • Trust, relationships and team dynamics – embedding and solidifying those connections so you work together as a team.
  • Commitment and accountability – ensuring that people are on board, and things get done so you know how your plans are progressing.
  • Communication and collaboration – creating a cohesive flow of information so no one ends up second guessing.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and ways of working – defining the way things get done do there is no duplication of effort.

Taking a facilitative approach to organisational development I design and facilitate team away days and other group gatherings to tap into the potential of your team members. These away days enable people to connect, collaborate, build clarity and understanding and ensure everyone is on the same page.

These sessions can be one offs, or a longer series of events and can be facilitated in person, online, or using a dazzling blend of both.

Support can also be built around these days to give you dedicated consultancy and regular longer-term input wrapped around these facilitated sessions. This may involve using assessments, interviews and surveys with key stakeholders, developing evaluation measures and feedback mechanisms and identifying further specialist training or development.

Before I can do any of that I work with you to understand what you need. As usual, this starts with a chat!

“Well along the route of becoming a stronger more united team”

Helene facilitated a team development session for me at very short notice. She quickly understood our needs for the team development session and the dynamics within the team. Everyone in group engaged well in the session and Helene gained the respect of all the individuals. At the end of the morning the team was well along the route of becoming a stronger more united team. Looking forward to using Helene again to continue the team’s development.


Group Strategy Director, RPS Group

Strategy and Action Planning Sessions

group facilitation

Dynamic and realistic plans ensure that you can respond to the needs of your organisation as it grows and changes. Involving the right people at the right time to create a strategy – and getting them all on board – is crucial to making everything work.

A participatory strategic planning approach focuses on the bigger picture, longer term plans. It encourages active participation, teamwork and collaboration and will give the members of your organisation a clear view of what they need to do in the long term by understanding current issues, clarify opportunities and direction, and create strategies for success.

Strategy creation can take time and may involve different stakeholders at different stages of its development.

For shorter term and more tactical planning with your team, such as the creation of yearly action plans you might need something less involved. With a similar but less in-depth process at its heart, action planning focuses on defining key actions, understanding lines of accountability and key indicators and creating a timeline and check points against those actions.  

Working with a facilitator enables you to outline the best way to create these plans collaboratively, and to get the most from the complex conversations that create focused and actionable plans.

Before I can do any of that I will work with you to understand what you need. As usual, this starts with a chat!




“Action points to move our organisation forward”

Helene’s warm, clear and experienced approach helped to steer our organisation through a difficult decision making process. Working under a tight deadline and a small team – Helene counselled the team to consolidate our strengths, high lighted our weaknesses and make firm decisions and action points to move our organisation forward. Our company required an informal flexible approach – working with strong personalities and a team cynical about change; Helene worked efficiently and respectfully to our brief and helped the team put together a new organisational structure to take it forward.


Organisation Manager, Tribe of Doris

Multi – Stakeholder Events and Workshops

Multi-stakeholder events are those that bring together a variety of different people around a certain theme or topic. These may include individuals, representatives from different organisations, or a combination of the two. They probably don’t really know each other. Bringing in a facilitator is crucial to ensure that there is effective participation and that everyone gets the most out of being brought together. I will help people to work together, to have their say, make their contribution and to ask the questions they need to and help make the space feel conducive to doing so. 

“Helene was a highly effective event facilitator”

Helene was the virtual facilitator for Cheltenham’s first ever climate change conference – #Cheltenhamzero. Helene added a lot of value and insight as part of the event planning process, which helped shape and inform the overall approach. Helene was a highly effective event facilitator, which contributed to a hugely success event for the Council


Executive Director People and Change, Cheltenham Borough Council

Facilitation to “surface needs and support opportunities”

Helene is a hugely talented facilitator, and is open to all types of facilitation depending on what you are trying to achieve. We have used Helene to facilitate two sessions of over 40 people from the charity and tech sector to surface needs and support opportunities. Helene adapts to any group, any venue, and any amount of experimentation! She is just brilliant to work with and highly recommend!


Co-Founder, The Dot Project

Single Purpose Workshops

When time is short, and you want something very specific, one of our short and simple workshops is what you need. These single purpose online workshops effectively bring people together to collaborate on a single topic, expertly facilitated so you get great results.

Each workshop is designed to function individually, but can be combined with others or incorporated into a larger away day. While these workshops are designed to work beautifully online, they can also be held in person if needed.

Interested in working with me? Let’s set up a free, no obligation consultation and let’s find out if facilitated workshops are right for you.

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