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Thinking of holding your own workshop?

One of your business offerings may be a workshop. What better way to show off your skill set and help people to get to grips with your passion? Whether you are an expert in Social Media, Nutrition, Marketing, PR, Coaching, Web design or a whole host of other things, putting on a workshop could be your key to sharing your knowledge with others.
But it’s not just a question of standing up and telling people what you know. There is an art to keeping people engaged so they are really part of your workshop, and learning in the best possible way.

If you want to know more about how to design and deliver your own workshops then contact me and we can arrange a 1:1 session.

Or better still – come along to one of my workshops, throw yourself in at the deep end and get stuck in.

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May 23rd 2019


The Waterfront Meeting Rooms


In this full day workshop, we will focus on:

  • The key elements of a workshop including what makes a good workshop, and why this is important
  • Knowing your role in delivering a workshop and how to work together with your participants
  • Learning how to increase engagement and participation during the workshop
  • Planning and designing your own workshop – you will be able to dig deep into workshop design so you can really align those aims, get the timing right and choose appropriate materials.
  • Introducing and trying out a selection of interactive tools to enable you to create and enhance your own workshop “toolkit”.
  • Familiarisation with a range of different materials and learning a few tricks of the trade

This workshop will include a brand new SHARE and PRACTICEsession so you can try out some of your new found knowledge.

In addition you will receive a free copy of my Workshop Essentials Workbook – a comprehensive guide to creating your own workshop.


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